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Quality 139fmb Parts

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Quality 139fmb Parts

Postautor: blackpowder » wt 22 wrz, 2020

Hello :)

Im in the middle of building a 139fmb engine from varies parts and pieces, but I am having a hard time finding some quality parts.
So I hope you guys can help me out, seeing that you guys have alot of experience with this type of engine.

The main thing I wanna build is a reliable 72cc 139fmb but maybe somewhere later down the road upgrade the cylinder and timing chain to a 110cc.
So the crankshaft has to be able to handle both.

Here are the parts Im having a hard time to find, atleast of good quality:
Reinforced crankshaft.
Reinforced valve springs
Reinforced Manual clutch springs.
Reinforced clutch plates
Quality carburetor.

I hope you guys can help me out <hura>


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Re: Quality 139fmb Parts

Postautor: Kuaczozor » śr 23 wrz, 2020

What do you mean by "quality carburetor"?
Those are all Chinese made engines and carbs, so, apart from some particularly bad apples, quality is pretty much the same.
Still it's more of a hit-or-miss than coming from a specific vendor.

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Re: Quality 139fmb Parts

Postautor: blackpowder » czw 24 wrz, 2020

I have seen a few carburetors with alot gunk inside or really bad casting flaws.
Im just looking something that works and its durable in the long haul.

Any chance you know where I can find a reinforced crankshaft?
Is there any vendor you can recommend?


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